Amateur Radio

I am amateur radio operator KK6BPC.


Frequency reference

Organizations and nets

  • SPECS, South Peninsula Emergency Communication System: W6ASH Mondays 20:00 — this is the local emcomm net
  • SVECS, Silicon Valley Emergency Communications System: AA6BT Tuesdays 20:00 — for San Jose area
  • Santa Clara County ARES/RACES: controls AA6BT, W6ASH, and N6NAC during emergencies
  • 9 AM Talk: N6NFI, weekdays 09:00 (backup: W6ASH)
  • PAARA, Palo Alto Amateur Radio Association: N6NFI Mondays 20:30
  • SBARA, South Bay Amateur Radio Association: technically not local (Tri-City, i.e. Fremont)

Local repeaters

There are at least 500 repeaters in the Bay Area. These are ones that are very near and/or used for nets listed here.

  • N6NFI (near Stanford Dish): 145.230/-/100 PL — popular. 90 s timeout. Also transmits a 100 Hz PL.
  • W6ASH (Mt. View, El Camino Hospital): 145.270/-/100 PL — 120 s timeout. Also 440.800 MHz (may or may not be linked). SCC-ARES/RACES “North”
  • AA6BT (E. San Jose): 146.115/+/100 PL — operated by SVECS. SCC-ARES/RACES “Main”
  • N6NAC (S of San Jose?): 444.625/+/110.9 PL — SCC-ARES/RACES “South”. probably unreachable from here

147.540 MHz (100 Hz PL) is the Palo Alto emergency simplex frequency.

Other frequencies

NOAA weather radio: these can usually be received on VHF/UHF transceivers.

  • KHB49 (Mt. Pise, San Francisco): 162.400 MHz, 500 W
  • WNG655 (Mt. Diablo, Contra Costa): 162.425 MHz, 100 W
  • KDX54 (Big Rock Ridge, Marin): 162.500 MHz,100 W


Some of my own creations: Modified Mercalli earthquake scale chart, fillable ARRL Radiogram PDF.

Band plans

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