Linguistics gets drunk on reddit

Apparently getting drunk has a tendency to enhance/exaggerate/thicken accents.

Highlights from an /r/AskReddit post on “what accents do british people imitate when they’re drunk” (specifically, this thread):

The accent that comes out amongst my friends the most is a more regal, posh English accent. Sometimes Australian, American, Austrian, French… But mostly we impersonate our own tongue but stronger

> fucking hell, on the mark, when im drunk i turn into a HUGE brummy. whilst sober i can fight it !

I love it when people’s accents thicken when they’re drunk. I have some Scottish friends who sound southern sober. Thick Scottish drunk.

This happens in the States too. When I drink, my Boston accent is aahhtaaahh controlll.

> I had a roommate like that (also Boston). His accent was relatively thick all the time but when he got drunk you could cut it with a knife.

> Happens to two friends of mine as well. They’re from Minnesota and Alabama and when they drink their respective accents come out in full force.

Michigan here. talk & walk become tok and wok, and milk becomes melk. Root becomes rut. bleh.

The thick slur of a Scottish accent is made much more pronounced by alcohol. a group of fairly respectable, well-spoken Glaswegians becomes a hubbub of indecipherable banter (to most) after a few drinks.

> Went out a few times with a friends friend who was Scottish. Understood him fine until the 3rd beer and then I could not understand a single thing that came out of his mouth. Good times!!

yeah, I’m Geordie, haven’t lived there for 12 years, as soon as Ah’m drunk it al comes owt like, ah’m cheryl kurl and ah’ve git luverly hair lyke me.. [an excellent example of “eye dialect” —CL] and I start singing Blaydon Races/Lambton Worm/Bobby Shafty/etc etc and try to punch a horse

> …..wat

I naturally have a posh accent and I go even posher.
I start sounding like I’m from Surrey, and end up like a spoiled brat at Cambridge.

(Of course, all this is just anecdotal, but I think it’s enough to substantiate a trend.)

Completely unrelatedly, a redditor named John offers a joke in a discussion about the prevalence of given names in the form Jean-* in French:

So my name is the American version of Jean (guess what that is? derhurhur), and I once met a Frenchman, and wanted to use the one opportunity I may ever have to actually utilize my highschool French, so I say, “Bonjour, je m’apelle Jean!” (spelling is difficult for me even in English, lay off).
Anyway he is just sitting there with a patient look on his face, and I’m like, “uh, so…”, and he’s like “Jean-what?”
That probably isn’t as funny as I think it is…..


WELCOME Djibouti to the Wall of Shame.

I don’t often get African countries on there, but when I do, my are they strange. First Swaziland, now Djibouti….

On the topic of Internet links on the African continent, Wikipedia has this to say:

According to 2007 and 2008 estimates, about 4% of the continental population in Africa have Internet access. Overall online activity is disproportionately distributed in South Africa, with 2/3 of overall online activity in Africa being generated in South Africa which accounts for 5% of the continent’s population. Most of the remaining 1/3 of online activity is distributed between Morocco and Egypt. The number of internet subscribers by percentage, however, is greater in smaller countries such as the Seychelles, where as much as 37% of the population has internet access, while only 11% of the South African population have internet access.

Egypt and South Africa are represented on the Wall, but rather than Morocco or the Seychelles, I have Swaziland and Djibouti….

Arregle errores

Error → “corregido” (fuente)

  1. la agua → “el agua” pero “las aguas” (Pres. Speak. 4/15)
  2. muchas usas → “muchos usos” (ibid.)
  3. una usa → “un uso” (ibid.)
  4. es posible que le conoce → “… conozca” (Inter. Speak. 4/15)
  5. mi hermana mayor graduará → “… se graduará” (Inter. Writ. 4/17)
  6. graduará en el próximo mes → “graduará el próximo mes” (ibid.)
  7. su amigo → “tu amigo” (ibid.)

Thoughts from Berkeley EECS

I WENT to Cal Day on Saturday, and of all the things I saw, one thing sticks out in my mind: the basement lab of Soda Hall (CS building) uses 15-year old Sun Ray computers.

At least I was assured they are being updated this summer with new donated equipment. But I must ask: when Gunn can buy enough Macbook Airs to pave the grounds with them, why does Berkeley rely on donations?